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astor Freddie and Rhonda Beard, and The Congregation of The Way of The Cross Church want to say a warm welcome to our "NEW" home on the web! We are excited about this new opportunity to share the glorious gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ with each, unique guest to this site.
We shall be adding new pages on this new web portal as time permits. Pastor lost a bunch of things from our previous site, and Will be having to re-write the articles and teachings he had uploaded. So we shall be building this new site for the GLORY OF GOD!! And remember come back soon, as we shall be adding new articles, teachings, and things to build up the believer, and reach out to the ones who have not as yet been "born again". If you would like to know how you can LIVE FOREVER email Pastor on our "contact page" and he will show you how to KNOW you will live for all eternity in heaven!
  What Must One Do To Be Saved From Hellfire, and Make Heaven Their Home?

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Are You thinking about committing suicide?
...he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,...
Isaiah 61

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Image to read Pastor's amazing testimony of
God saving him from suicide!
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original song written by
Pastor Freddie L Beard

 Music artists please check out my original gospel songs at the above link, they are mostly southern/bluegrass gospel, let me know what you think.

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People Get Ready, Jesus Is Coming,

Soon We'll Be Going Home

As sung By Crystal Lewis -

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Special Anouncment
The Congregation of The Old Country Church have decided to make a name change to better represent us. After many months of considorattion pastor Beard proposed the name "The Way of The Cross Church", a vote was taken on (12/29/2010) and a 100% vote for the new name took place. The official name change will take place in a few weeks. While there will be noticeable changes made,i.e. like on the website. So please be patient with us as we make the change. We've also moved to a new facility that better meets our needs, get more info just below. Thanks and God bless you our friends!

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why it is so important, and
how to make sure it is.

God's Promise of Health-Care to His Children, and Promise of vengeance to the robbers of such a basic of humanities.

We are living in really troubling times , This message below, shows from a Biblical perspective that we are living in what the Bible calls, "the last days", And what each of us need to do to prepare.
We must "Rescue The Perishing".
Lord Jesus help us. Amen

Service Times
Sunday School 10:00 am
Morning Worship 11:00 am
Wednesday Night 7:00pm

Send us your prayer needs, we will be glad to call your requests out in church! Click on the little angels below and fill out the prayer request form.

              Urgent Prayer Needs We Need to Remember.
My dear friends let us remember to pray against the continued effort of the enemy (Satan) to ban Christianity in the USA. Bills are steadily being introduced on the hill, To silence the mouth of God's prophets. We must pray God help us to be able to keep our ability to preach the gospel. Well one thing is for sure, If they ban God all together, they can not keep the Great commission from being fulfilled. AMEN!?
We thank You